Financial Independence Week Europe 2020: FI for Impact!

My friends Mr. and Mrs. W from What Life Could Be and Fire Hub are organizing a retreat called FIWE (for Financial Independence Week Europe) in June this year, and they have selected #FIforImpact as one of their themes for the event!

The event will take place in Timişoara, in Romania, from the evening of Friday, 19th June until the evening of Sunday, 21st June 2020. Then there will be FIWE Extra, until Wednesday 24h of June for those who want to hang out longer.

If you’re interested, make sure to read more about the event and register before the 29th of February here: FIWE 2020.

I will be there of course and I would love to meet with some of you and discuss how we can use FI to have a positive impact. Let me know if you’re joining or if you have any questions!

Sebastien Written by:

Founder at Founder at (UAE chapter of ChooseFI and Bogleheads) Aspiring Effective Altruist Former manager in energy management consulting

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