That’s it! We’ve launched the website with the #FIforImpact Series Financial Independence, a superpower to make the world a better place.

Here are the posts in the series so far:

We could really make a big difference! What are we waiting for?
FI gives us incredible power: Time Freedom, Money Freedom, Abilities Freedom and Thinking Freedom!
Our FI mindset makes us incredibly suited to make a real difference!
Some of us in the FI community have made some incredible contributions already, saving lives and helping those who need it the most. They show us how it can be done!
Whether you choose volunteering, donating to charity or continuing to work, learn how you can make sure to have a maximum positive impact.
You can also use your FI superpower to start a high impact charity, improve the impact of your current life, build a high impact community or “earn to give”!
Will you join the movement?

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