Note: this page is under development and will be edited as the ideas from the community come together to better shape this movement. Please join this Facebook group to take part in the conversations and help shape #FIforImpact!

We want to make the world a better place

#FIforImpact is a movement and a group of people from the FI community who are interested in making the world a better place.

We understand that pursuing and reaching financial independence gives us a level of freedom and autonomy that is rarely seen in other groups. We use it to make our own lives better as we can live on our own terms. We also use it to be closer to and support our own family and friends.

What makes us different is that we realize that this unique freedom and autonomy can also be used to help people outside of our small circles of relatives. In fact, we realize that financial independence gives us time. Time to think, and time to act. And if we think well, our actions can have a massive positive impact. With the right information and a bit of structure, we can use this time to tackle all sorts of challenges, not only the smallest local problems but also the largest human-scale existential risks.

We see financial independence as more than just a suit of armor, we see it as a superpower. A unique power to do good around us and have a positive impact. We want to use this superpower to help make the world a better place, effectively.

We are already having a positive impact!

The FI community has grown tremendously in the past few years, thanks to bloggers, writers, speakers and podcasters who share the message and help spread the FIRE. This is probably the beginning of a revolution where middle-class citizens reclaim control over their lives by hacking the consumerist and capitalist system.

We’re providing a powerful example about how financial literacy can help shape our lives for the better

The community and its influencers have shared their stories and helped hundreds of thousands of people take better control of their finances, so that they can better use money in their own lives. This education is changing the lives of countless people and making a real difference.So we’re already having a positive impact!

And that is not all.

Some of us are already going beyond personal finance education and are helping society in powerful ways

The FI community has already proven several times that it can have an impact beyond financial literacy. Here are some of the illustrative examples:

There are many more examples out there. Please let us know (on Facebook or by email) if you know of other interesting ones that we should highlight here!

We’re aiming even higher

Something we’ve learned to do well in the FI community is to optimize “how much happiness we get for each dollar”. We’ve increased the efficiency of our finances so that they can serve our life goals.

With #FIforImpact we will also aim for efficiency. We will make sure we do good in an effective way. So that our efforts go to those who need it the most and where it can have a greater impact. This starts from the simple belief that we’re all equal and that we all equally deserve to live a good life.

To achieve this, #FIforImpact will aim to apply the principles of effective altruism to identify the best opportunities to have a positive impact. For example, we will seek to solve problems that are generally:

  • Great in scale (it affects many people‚Äôs lives, by a great amount)
  • Highly neglected (few other people are working on addressing the problem), and
  • Highly solvable (additional resources will do a great deal to address it).

We’re bold and we have incredible ressources, so we will not be afraid to aim for some of the most pressing global issues, such as those described by 80,000hours.org (part of the effective altruism movement) on their website.

#FIforImpact Launch Idea

For #FIforImpact to become a real movement, we need people from the community to hear about it and see that it is possible.

In order to do this, we’ve come up with a plan to launch the #FIforImpact movement. It is still under development and will evolve as the community builds it.

The following presentation illustrates the current plan.

As you can see, the first milestone will be the financial literacy month in April 2019. The idea will be to help the FI community share its financial knowledge in a coordinated manner and prove to everyone that we can contribute to a better world around us.

From there, we can imagine several initiatives and programs being launched in addition to financial literacy. The key is to inspire the community to take action and do good. The aim is to then help the community find meaningful and effective (based ont the guidance of effective altruism) ways to do good.

The programs could include initiatives such as

We need your help!

Right now, the immediate next steps are:

  1. Build a team to coordinate and organize phase 1 of the project
  2. Gather a support team of influencers to help promote the movement (influencers are also welcome to join the implementation team of course)

And here is how you can help:

  1. Please join the #FIforImpact Facebook group to participate in the discussions
  2. Invite people from the community whom you know are interested in doing good around them
  3. Share this page with your networks
  4. Drop us a message (on Facebook or by email) if you are interested in taking a more active role in building the movement!

Thanks in advance!